New Release!

We are back again with a new release of FoodForce2! There have been several new feature additions, bug fixes.

Game Overview

Food Force 2 is a open source game freely available to download. It uses a intriguing story plot to aware people about hunger related problem in under developed nations. The game is aimed at providing edutainment. So go ahead and save the world.

Project Objective

Food Force 2 has been designed to educate and motivate people to solve world hunger. Since the laptop reaches out to the developing and third-world countries, it educates children and teachers in a village on how to achieve self sustenance in a fun and non-intrusive way. It also provides awareness about the work WFP has been doing for the past many decades to abate the problem of world hunger.


The response by the community for testing FoodForce2 has been absolutely phenomenal.
The project has seen close to 145,000 downloads for the xo package itself . The Food Force 2 game is now playable over the mesh network, the trading scenario has been implemented over the mesh network. This is very exciting example of a local project working to solve local problems. By leveraging the Sugar Platform, you can extend your reach to help similar projects with similar needs around the world.